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EQN Black Box Unveiled

Discussion in 'Everquest Next News' started by Hannar, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Hannar

    Hannar Editor EQNexus Moderator

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  2. SOK_Macomber

    SOK_Macomber New Member

    They covered a lot in 4.5 mins!
    Loved it!
  3. Cheriqui

    Cheriqui New Member

    Watching now!!!! :D *Fangirl squee*
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  4. Nadili

    Nadili Member


    Occulus Rift, Jeff just blew up the internets.
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  5. Hannar

    Hannar Editor EQNexus Moderator

    What do we have here?

  6. PrpnNightmare

    PrpnNightmare Member

    Oculus Rift is potentially the most exciting thing they could've shown us. I had the chance to try it out at PAX Australia this year, and for anyone that hasn't yet had an opportunity to try it out let me assure you, it is nothing short of absolutely f**king mind blowing. My GOD I'm excited.
  7. Fantomex

    Fantomex Head of Social Media Nexus Moderator

    Screens other UI, possible just developmental - BUT UI![​IMG]
  8. Organic

    Organic Active Member

    The UI shown here is consistent with the debugging tool they use for development as explained in another video.
  9. Fantomex

    Fantomex Head of Social Media Nexus Moderator

    Most likely developmental yes but it does seem to be small as they have stated they want. They want us to see the encounters and not the buttons. Maybe something. I don't think they would have left so much of it in after having only one brief screen for panels if they didn't want us talking ;)
  10. Maeka

    Maeka Active Member EQNexus Moderator

    It's so small... :O I'm sure it's got a long way to go since it has no design to it really. Just placeholders hehe.
  11. Hannar

    Hannar Editor EQNexus Moderator


    Bruce Lee - CONFIRMED in EverQuest Next


    That sure looks like the EC Tunnel - WTS FBSS PST, THX!


    This shot shows a look at some potential content design, with a multi-layered environment with references that could be related to character class tiers (and what players would be equipped to fight), or simply to the layers of content themselves. The reference to a "barrier" makes me believe this is based on character class tier.

    One of many looks at a potential early UI - sure looks like 8 hotkeys.

    Could be another shot of the UI.


    Oh, come on now! That's just unfair.

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  12. braxkedren

    braxkedren New Member

    Is that EC or is that Blackburrow?
  13. chillz

    chillz New Member

    I wonder what Bruce Lee is charge of for EQN.
  14. Hazado

    Hazado New Member

    Monks of course
  15. Hannar

    Hannar Editor EQNexus Moderator

    Hilarious info in the slowed version.
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  16. Fingers

    Fingers Active Member

    LOL :p
  17. chillz

    chillz New Member

    Lol good one.
  18. oskuro

    oskuro New Member

    Great to see the oculus rift in there. I have a oculus rift development kit so it would be awesome to see this as early as possible in the beta :D. Not that anything is comfirmed, they may only by playing around with the technology.
  19. Arthanis

    Arthanis Active Member

    Looks freakin cool. EC tunnel.. !!

    BTW does anyone know what monitor (brand, size) is the one Jeff 's looking at while wearing Oculus Rift?

    I need a new big, real big monitor for my PC :)

  20. Aulwewen

    Aulwewen Member

    *Squeels like a teen-age girl at a "buy one get one free" sale at Forever 21.*

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